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Losing Weight

July 27, 2009

I recently had a comment from a young teen wanting to lose weight.  Here is part of  my reply

The only way that I have ever been able to lose weight and keep it off is by using weight watchers. I do it online and you would have to get your mom to sign up for you because of your age. They don’t let 12 year olds do it. It’s very inexpensive, about $14 a month. You can also join and go to meetings but again, I don’t know if they take anyone as young as you and it is a little more expensive.

If neither one of those work then I do have some suggestions that I use when doing weight watchers. First off, and this is important, I tried not to think about how much weight I needed to lose and focused on the short term. I set a goal of 10 lbs and work on that. I also didn’t cut anything out of my diet. If I wanted a cookie, I ate a cookie; but, I would make myself wait for an hour before I did. What this does is give your mind an hour to possibly get over the craving. Sometimes that happened and other times it did not. Either was ok. Another thing I did was if I wanted to eat something late at night, I would talk myself into waiting and eating it the next morning. That gave me something really good to look forward to. At least once during the week I would eat what ever I wanted as a reward for doing good during the week. Finally, I would eat slowly, and try to eat only half of what I would normally have at a meal. Oh, and I’d drink a lot of water!

As far as exercise, a gym would be great but if you can’t do that then walk, ride a bike, or swim. Now, that was actually as hard for me as cutting down what I ate. I had read up on exercise and so many articles said things like “If you want to lose weight you need to exercise an hour a day, four days a week.” That sounded pretty overwhelming to me. Instead, I figured any exercise was better than none, so I would tell myself; Ok, I’m going to exercise for 15 minutes and if I feel like quitting then I’ll quit. Sometimes I would quit but most of the time I would finish the 15 minutes, and decide that I could keep doing it a little longer, and half the time I would workout close to an hour or more. I got to where I was working out every other day and that made a big difference in how I looked. One more suggestion, get some light hand weights (5 lbs) and when you watch TV, use them during commercials.

Finally, you don’t have to lose all the weight to be able to feel good about yourself. As a matter of fact, as soon as you start losing the weight, you’ll start feeling better. That does two things for you. You lose the first 10 lbs, and you feel like you’re really accomplishing something and you want to keep going. It’s like cleaning the house. Thinking about cleaning the whole house can be pretty overwhelming and I will put if off and never do it; but, if I say to myself, I’m going to clean a bathroom, it’s much easier.

So, try the following:
1. Eat what you want but cut down on the quantity
2. If you have a craving, put off eating it for an hour
3. Drink a lot of water
4. Reward yourself at least once a week
5. Set small goals (six goals to lose 10 lbs will equal 60 lbs.)
6. Exercise as many times as you want for as long as you feel like it at first
7. If you have a craving to eat something late at night, try to wait until the next morning to eat it. That gives you something to look forward to.
8. If you feel like you’ve blown the diet for some reason don’t get too worried. Everyone does it and the ones who succeed, don’t see it as a failure, they see it as an excuse to try harder the next day.

I hope this has given you some ideas. Remember, set small goals so that when you reach that goal, you’ll start feeling good about yourself and your diet. When you feel good about dieting, the dieting gets so much easier.