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Healy and his surgery

February 24, 2010

We got Healy as a rescue puppy almost a year ago.  From the start he seemed to have some problems with his gait.  Unfortunately, this past week he had to have surgery on his right hip.  He’s doing great but it cost us a small fortune.  The vet removed the ball in the hip joint.  It sounds horrible but I’m so impress with how he’s doing.  The vet’s office calls him a real trooper.  The vet even thanked us for letting him have the surgery.  I guess a lot of people would have simply let him live in pain or put him down.  He’s too good a dog for us to do that.  He’s still NEVER had an accident in the house.  He’s an excellent watch dog; he’ll bark at anyone coming down our driveway, unfortunately that includes all of us too.

Here’s a couple of pictures of him right after surgery.  The little girl with him is ginger.

Healy one day after surgery