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Evolution, The Reason why “Good” girls go for “Bad” boys?

February 27, 2010

Let me be straight here. What follows is strictly my voice alone. I have worked in middle school and high schools for years, and am always amazed at how so many “good” girls go after the “bad” boys. I can even say that I myself did the same type of thing when I was younger. I’ve become even more curious now that my own children are dating. Then, just a couple of days ago, I was talking to my son about dating and made the comment that young girls tended to like the bad boys who took control, didn’t always do what they wanted, etc. That’s when it occurred to me that maybe girls liked bad boys because of evolution.

Think about it. The bad boy is the one who does what he wants, controls situations, appears tougher, and doesn’t do what other’s tell him to. He’s in control and seems to have power that others don’t. Is this whole phenomenon simply the result of survival of the fittest?

Think about cavemen. The nice Neanderthal, who shared his food and spent a lot of quality time with others, probably didn’t have the most food. Instead, the one who thought more of himself than others most likely spent much more time hunting and stocking up. The neanderthal woman would find herself in a quandary. Do they stick with the nice male who spent more time making them happy than hunting for food, or the selfish male who always had food available but didn’t really care what their females did as long as they didn’t get in their way? The Neanderthal thug who killed everything he saw may have provided the best for those around him. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily make the woman happy but at least she’s full!

Now, let’s look a little closer to home, say a few hundred years ago. The early American male who got sentimental over shooting Bambi probably didn’t have as much to eat as the one who came back covered in blood and boasting about his kills. The man who thought nothing of beating up a rival probably ended up with a lot more than the nice guy. Who could blame a girl for sticking to the one who could provide the best for them. The toughest, meanest guy around probably didn’t have too much trouble with getting what he wanted, and keeping it.

Now, if all of this is true, then todays society has totally screwed up what evolution has created. Young girls who haven’t yet figured this out are therefore still drawn to the “tough” guy, not understanding that the “smart” guy is the best choice in the ‘being able to provide category.’ Sometimes it takes years for the smart girl to finally get past these evolutionary tendencies. So, good guys if you’re feeling like you’re being left out, don’t get too discouraged, eventually the girls will figure it out.