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Teen Suicide

December 10, 2010


Would you give up the chance to…?

Make love, to the love of your life, for the first time (I seriously doubt that you’ve met this person yet.)

Be moved by a great song not yet written

Fall in love with the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time

Have the thrill of driving your first car

Succeed and feel pride like you’ve never felt before

Deposit your first paycheck, or your biggest paycheck

Feel strong and powerful

Be moved to tears of joy at the sight of your newborn child

Taste a new flavor of ice cream that literally competes with an orgasm

Feel the tingle when you first touch someone’s hand that you’ve fallen in love with (give yourself the chance to meet that person)

Have someone thank you for simply being there for them

Walk down the aisle on your wedding day

Watch the love of your life walk down the aisle to meet you on your wedding day

See someone who use to treat you like shit, or simply ignored you, suddenly want to be your friend because you’re stronger, richer, smarter, or better off than they are

Meet the person who will change your life

Live on your own for the first time

Swim with dolphins, rescue a stranger, snorkel over a barrier reef, or be introduced to a new hobby that will bring you so much pleasure

The most important things in your life don’t happen in your youth.  The best times of your life aren’t your teenage years.   That’s the greatest tragedy when a young person commits suicide.  They aren’t escaping pain (that’s already happened), they’re giving up their future, and that future is full of surprises.  Yes, adults go through tough times, but they have enough experience to realize that things NEVER stay the same. 

The bully seems so strong in his youth, but the bullied always end up the strongest because they’ve lived through challenge.  The bully loses his strength with age, the bullied gain their strength with their wisdom.  Don’t give up the chance to realize this.

Live for all the perfect days in your future.  There may be many, there may be few, but every one of them is worth living for. 

Suicide is never painless.