How’s your summer going?

I’m working on my tan.  Learning more about my horses (Yankee is still causing problems, Copa sweats a lot but is still a blast to ride, and Ben is as stubborn as they come.)  I’ve learn to drive a John Deere tractor with only one slight mishap (I ran into the fountain we have in our yard!)  And, for one night and day, I looked like a punk rocker with neon red hair!

What about you?  Learned anything new?  Faced any new challenges?  I miss you guys so keep in touch.

Ms. Bliz


2 Responses to “How’s your summer going?”

  1. kyle Says:

    i went to chicago for 3 weeks with my brother to go visit my uncle and i hsve just been hanging out with my friends. happy that im moving back to mulrennan next month. wish u were still gonna be a teacher there 🙂 i miss u so much miss bliz. – kyle swensen

  2. pamblizzard Says:

    Kyle, hope you don’t mind that I’m leaving your name here. I’m missing you guys too. You were a great student and I have a ton of confidence that you will continue to be one. Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going. Oh, and glad you’ll be back at Mulrennan.

    I’ve had an interesting summer and will tell you guys all about it in a new post, so look for it soon.

    ms. bliz

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