Another Year Gone

2008 03 03 Alix 013I had a really great last few days with you guys!  Hopefully I’ve taught you all a few things.  I know that I have learned a few things from you.  Even old ladies like me have a lot to learn.

Some of you surprised me the last day of school.  You made me feel like I was appreciated and will be remembered, and I can’t thank you enough for that!  Know that I will remember you too, (some more fondly than others:)

I’m counting on you to remember the “life lessons.”  Remember Andy and Wes, and Shelby.  Think before you treat driving like a game, or drugs like a safe choice.  Remember Cameron, don’t make fun of people, or bully people just because they’re different.  You don’t know what has made them that way, and you don’t know who you would be if you had lived their life.

Know that your parents love you even if they don’t act like it sometimes.  Respect them and realize that they are people too with their own problems and worries.  Try not to add too much to those worries.  When you do get into trouble, realize that the getting into trouble was your choice and only you can keep it from happening again.

Finally, remember that you guys are going to change a lot between now and adulthood.  The choices you make now may seem like the right ones at your age, but you may regret them when you are older.  I see the adults you can become.  You need to start “seeing” that person too.  Know that the things you do now are all a part of becoming that adult.  You can have fun, make mistakes, make and lose friends, even live through battles, and pain.  Just remember to learn from those things.  Become the adult you were meant to be.

  1. No matter how bad things seem, they always get better.
  2. Anger is the worst emotion you can hang on to.  It hurts you more than it ever hurts the one you’re angry at.
  3. Don’t expect other people to make you happy.  That’s up to you, so do things that make you feel good about yourself.
  4. Don’t hate someone, instead be glad you’re not them.
  5. Surprise people in you life with kindness.  You’ll get more from that than they do.

I’ll miss you guys!


12 Responses to “Another Year Gone”

  1. pj Says:

    hey ms bliz so glad i got u this year for math hope u have a fun summer too bad im probably not gonna see u again.

    on a lighter note i just wanted to say thx for everything this year

    ur aesome


  2. 1234 Says:

    hey mrs.blizzard i will miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much next year im soo glad that i got you for math and i will always remember you and your life lessons.maybe you could come back and visit the school and you former students plus you wwere my favorite teacher that i have ever had and i really do mean that P.S i hope you remember who is writing this hopefully you wont forget me i luv you!

  3. pamblizzard Says:

    Don’t worry. I won’t forget you. It was great having you in class this year, and I hope that as you get older your confidence continues to grow. You are a beautiful young lady with a lot going for you.

  4. anonymous Says:

    heyy mrs. blizzard, i feel soo bad that i didnt get to see you on the last day of school to tell you bye, but i guess i m hoping that you’ll remember good things about me. im so glad you were my math teacher this year. thankyou.

  5. pamblizzard Says:

    I’m glad I was your teacher too. Keep me posted on how you’re doing, and you know, if you ever need to talk, I’m right here.

  6. (anonymous) Says:

    hey ms blizz. being in your class was great. i know i made it suck to teach sometimes but you were the best teacher everrr. sorry btww

    • pamblizzard Says:

      Honestly, you were one of my favorites. You are smart, strong, caring, and have the potential to lead. What you need to do now is learn how to take care of yourself. Don’t count on other people to make you happy; you’ll be disappointed. Don’t “do” things to make people love you; Just be yourself: kind, friendly, and forgiving. You can be friends with everyone but only be close to the ones who won’t hurt you.

      Learn and become stronger from your mistakes. Know that you can’t change people (it’s not your job.) The only thing you can do is give advice. The one person you can change is yourself, and that’s a powerful tool! If there is something you don’t like about yourself then change it. It’s so much easier than you think. You have everything you need to be a great, happy, adult (seriously, you do!) Become that person. I’ll truly miss you.

  7. Anonymouss Says:

    Ms blizzard, I miss you as my teacher soooo much! You taught me so much in life just by being a teacher . Life lessons Also taught me how to ttreat people because you never know what they are going through. And when I get upset I just say what would ms blizz tell me to do? You always knew what to say and when to say it. I let people walk over me too much and focused on stuff that didn’t even matter. I regret those things so much . But what I don’t regret is having you as my teacher! I will always miss you ms blizz. I really hope to see you again!!!! Call me anytime also, I would love to hear from you!

  8. pamblizzard Says:

    You made my night last light when I read this! I know that students say good things about teachers to the teacher, but I also know that so many times they don’t really feel that way. Hey, I’m the one who always tells you guys to “kiss up.” Anyway, thank you.

    You on the other hand are a standout. You have everything you need to be an amazing adult. Don’t worry about things that have happened in the past. Teenagers have a “do over” clause in their teen years. (I’m writing a blog on that later.) What it basically means is that you’re expected to screw up during you teens, but those mistakes don’t define you (just make sure you don’t do something that changes your entire life; ie. pregnant, hurt yourself, etc.) All you have to do is learn from your mistakes, be open to new things, and create the person you want to become. I see so much potential in you.

    Hey, I’m on facebook now. Pam Blizzard

  9. Anonymouss Says:

    I meant to say I want to come and ride horses.!

    • pamblizzard Says:

      Maybe we can work that out. It’s too hot right now though. Thanks again for the earlier comment. I miss you girl.

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